Best Brooklyn venue rebuilt to look exactly like a Manhattan venue (2008)

Music Hall of Williamsburg

When Bowery Presents shut down semi-beloved B-burg haunt Northsix earlier this year and announced plans to revamp and reopen it as the grandly retitled Music Hall of Williamsburg, we expected a stylish-ass upgrade—the Times announced that the result would have "balconies and a big-city gloss." What we didn't expect maybe is that it would look exactly like the Bowery Ballroom. Shit is creepy. The layouts are now nearly identical: From the street you had downstairs to a lovely and spacious bar area; once thoroughly soused, you head up another staircase to the boxy stage area itself, with a balcony overhead. No complaints here: The Ballroom's a fine place, and the MHoW is indeed fresh and clean. (Furthermore, any club hosting a two-day Snapcase reunion is totally OK with us.) But it's a very odd homage all the same: Some incredibly drunk patron is going to get profoundly confused one of these days. At least they saved some money on blueprints.

Location Details

66 N. 6th St.
Brooklyn NY 11211


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