Best cell phone regulation at a bar (2008)

Brooklyn Social

Say you're out on a first date at the Brooklyn Social in Carroll Gardens, a former Sicilian social club that's been preserved to feel like the old days. The conversation is going great when suddenly your date's cell phone starts to ring. He picks it up and begins yammering away to God only knows who (is it tomorrow's date?) when the bartender walks up with his cocktail shaker and bangs on it loudly with a spoon. "No cell phones!" he shouts. At this moment you'd like to hug this savior and ask for his cell phone number but are too busy enjoying the appalled look on your date's face as the entire bar stops to stare at him. That's when you both notice a small painted stencil on the wall that says "No Cell Phones." The Brooklyn Social, almost militant about maintaining a 1940s atmosphere, does not allow laptops or cell phones and, surprisingly, is the most popular bar in the area. Turns out, like a well-made martini, good conversation never goes out of style.


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