Best cocktail that's also a hangover cure (2008)

Yakitori Totto

Along with the perpetually achy neck and the increasingly dark outlook on life, part of aging is gaining the amazing ability to get hung over without even having that much fun. A glass of water and a couple of aspirin aren't going to cut it if you hit the brown stuff all night. So, for a bender padded with charred chicken hearts and other delectable skewered snacks, Yakitori Totto is a favorite. The shochu grapefruit is about the best cocktail a person could want for diminishing the damage the following morning: It's clear, it includes water, and it has juice in it—which is key, because you need your vitamins to fight the hangover. A tall glass is delivered about two-thirds full of shochu, ice, and soda, and next to it, a half grapefruit and a small manual citrus juicer. The freshness and the ritual of it are almost as good as the refreshing (but not overly sweet) cocktail itself.

Location Details

251 W. 55th St.
New York NY 10019


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