Best dog-friendly bar (2008)


Whether you tramp in with a bull mastiff, low-ride with a dachshund, or prance with a Shih Tzu, the good folks at Moonshine seem pretty open to the hound population—though this is just an assumption based on the two big, cute, and wrinkly bulldogs that this wonderful honky-tonk whiskey joint's owners have chilling throughout their drinkery. And, not wanting to cause the bar any trouble in case there's like, you know, "laws" or something against it, but "hypothetically," myself and several of my friends may have been known to bring along our own four-legged furries in the back concrete garden. It's a backyard area where—considering the sometimes abundant canine population—BYOM doesn't mean "Bring Your Own Mutt," but rather "Bring Your Own Meat": Besides the astonishingly comprehensive list of whiskeys running the gamut from smooth, stellar spirits (George Dickel, Woodford Reserve) to biting, chest-hair-farming numbers (Bakers, Old Grand Dad); the assortment of choice micros on tap (Ommegang Witte, Harpoon IPA); and a should-be-award-winning collection of cheapo canned beer (PBR, Schlitz, Rheingold, Colt 45, Milwaukee's Best, Schaefer's), the pub encourages its patrons to use the two gas grills and smoker for impromptu BBQs—hence the "BYOM" invitation. (Psst: Dogs are allowed.)

Location Details

317 Columbia St.
Brooklyn NY 11231


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