Best Ethically Ambiguous Blatant Surveillance Bar (2008)


Immediate impressions post-REMOTE: "wild-ly embarrassing," "good exercise in self-loath-ing," "Foucauldian panopticonism," "heinous idea." Remote, "a revolutionary new concept in nightlife entertainment," features live video feeds and 72 controllable cameras, so wherever patrons are in the bar, they can watch other people and be watched themselves. Festive voyeurs can also train their cameras on the street and watch you walk in off the Bowery, approaching the big confusing mirrored doors, probably picking your nose or something—ew! Rumor has it that this place is a big turn-on, and the sinks in the spacious unisex single-stall bathrooms are always breaking from people fucking on them. Maybe. Mostly, though, it's a bummer to see yourself looking un-cute on camera, and it's jarring to be face-to-face with people after staring at them on a screen. Upon entry, you waive your right to privacy, publicity, and the right to bring a claim against "Controlled Entropy Ventures." Oh, and you may be broadcast live over the Internet.


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