Best fish tank (2008)


If you ever wanted to pretend like you were Claire Danes in the ball scene of Romeo + Juliet, where she and Leonardo DiCaprio first meet while looking through a fish tank, Dragonfly might be the spot to recreate that moment with your beau. At 280 gallons, the freshwater tank shows off goldfish, colorful parrotfish, eel-like arawanas, silver tinfoil barb, and others as they meander over orange coral and pebbles. The tank can be viewed from two sides, so you can peer through one and accidentally lock eyes with your strategically placed lad on the other. Sappy role- playing aside, studies show that watching fish can soothe the nerves, so even if you don't feel like acting the part, sampling the Filipino food (I suggest the kare-kare) or just sitting in the lounge area with a mango margarita and zoning out to the fish's weightlessness will do you good. If you're really dead set on playing make-believe, this water box is your best bet. Dramatic score not included.


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