Best gay bar for slipping ones into a dancer's G-string, old-school style (2008)

Stonewall Inn

Over the years, the historic Stonewall Inn—site of the 1969 Stonewall riots—has been many things: a bagel shop, a Chinese restaurant, a shoe store. In the '90s, it returned to its status as a gay bar, but as of last year that bar had been shut down. Now, the Stonewall is back in action: It's got new management, a new neon sign, and a new gaggle of hot male dancers working it in their undies on the dance floor. Passing out those dollar bills gets easier with every drink, and every one you give comes with a free ass slap. Besides, the crowd is mixed and friendly: Straight girls—even the stray straight couple—will feel welcome. So go on, enjoy the historic atmosphere, contemplate the events that took place in this very bar . . . or just admire the package on that gorgeous Israeli dancer.

Location Details

53 Christopher St.
New York NY 10014


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