Best karaoke songbook going sadly underutilized (2008)

Planet Rose

Say "karaoke on Avenue A" to an East Villager and he'll probably think you mean the private rooms of Sing Sing. I suggest being a little more public with your warbling. Instead of singing like a caged bird, amble uptown a few blocks on any given weeknight to Planet Rose, home to an astonishingly girthy songbook that spans the '50s to the present with few grievous oversights. As an added plus, patrons are welcome to sing from their seats at the bar if they're too shy or drunk to make it to the garish side-room stage. One recent night I sat all by my lonesome singing the forgotten 1989 Roachford hit "Cuddly Toy"; the kindly bartender bought me a sympathetic vodka shot. Afterward, she and her co-host launched into a note-perfect (and irony-free) rendition of Air Supply's "All Out of Love." If they have these two songs, they have whatever you've been secretly pining to belt out. So give 'em some love.


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