Best late-night $3 West Coast–style taco to eat after you've had too much to drink (2008)

Snack Dragon

First it was next-door to Mama's, a little shack attached to the front of a deli; then the Snack Dragon moved to its current location around the corner. The new location is a tad larger, has seating, and means that more people can eat more of the unbelievably delish tacos, made up of the freshest ingredients, including pulled pork, quinoa, beef, and chorizo. Owner Josephine Jansen is an artist (she designed the exterior) and a frequent traveler to Mexico who grew up on the West Coast. The abundance of nearby bars provides ample drunken customers for the Shack, most of whom are looking to fill their alcohol-drenched tummies before they stagger home in a (probably failed) bid to stave off a hangover. Whatever the end result is, it always hits the spot.

Location Details

199 E. Third St.
New York NY 10002


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