Best Mermaid Decor (2008)


Quite literally right under the Williamsburg Bridge, THE LOCAL, a/k/a the Ship's Mast, the Rock Star Bar, the Rock Bar, Mermaid Bar, Splash by the Water, 351 Inc., etc., used to be grottier and therefore, in my opinion, nicer. But in the middle of the bar, twining around a center pole, they've still got the fantastic, enormous (like, way bigger than you) interlocking mermaids—each facing outward in a purposeful position like on the prow of a ship—who have kinda busted, formless faces and wear wigs (one red and curly, one black and banged), and have painted scales, and stars on their tits, and are notably callipygian. Why not drink while staring at bountiful mermaid ass?


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