Best metal party (2008)

Precious Metal

The term metal, as in heavy, means different things to different people. But whether it comes from genre godfathers Black Sabbath, the '80s hair-rocker camp, or music so cross-eyed and snaggletoothed that many people in their right mind wouldn't even call it music, you either get it or you don't. Precious Metal is a new night (Monday) of heavy, featuring DJs and national touring bands, hosted by Lit bartender Aviva Yael and Curran Reynolds, party curator and drummer for local band Wetnurse. Through his band and various record label connections, Curran has sunk his fangs deep into the jugular of today's hessian underground. The party caters to the alloyed jams du jour—mostly of the extreme-metal variety: the brutally screamed, shrieked, and chugged sounds associated with micro-genres such as the New Wave of American metal, death, black, thrash, metalcore, and noise. Recent bands include Saviours, Bloody Panda, and Dying Light. Most DJs keep things in the red, but the occasional Dio, Scorpions, or Crüe song gets nostalgically rocked as well.


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