Best new club feud (2008)

The Trinity

In one corner, it's the promoting trio the Trinity, three twentysomething sprites sprung out of the '90s club-kid lineage: Aimee Phillips, Mack Dugan, and Drew Elliott, known as Aimee, Mackie, and Drewpsie. They are colorful and over-the-top: Aimee (who is also a publicist for Richie Rich's clothing label, Heatherette) does girl drag, wearing bright shirts, long eyelashes, and fake jewel-encrusted nails. Mack and Drewpsie (who work for Heatherette and Paper magazine, respectively) are a couple, completing the two-queer-boys-and-a-girl triangle. They host top-tier gay parties at the Maritime Hotel's Hiro Ballroom on Sunday and Mr. Black on Friday. In the other corner, the MisShapes, the reigning champions of cool, calm, and collected ice-queen attitude. The MisShapes, also two gay boys and a girl (Greg K, Geo, and Leigh Lezark) are the Trinity's aesthetic opposites, dressing their waif bodies in all-black clothing and sucking in their already hollow cheekbones. They came on the scene from out of nowhere more than two years ago and pay homage to the '80s postpunk era at their weekly "It" party of the same name, now at Don Hill's. Like competing ex-girlfriends, the Trinity and MisShapes don't like each other much, but like true New York professionals of the night, when in each other's presence they always proffer a well-powdered cheek for a puckered-up air kiss.


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