Best nightclub design (2008)

The Box's

Though the club's crowd can sometimes be as boring as those found in a typical bottle-service venue, The Box's decor out-beautifies the beautiful people. Designed by Hecho Inc. (John Kole and Phil Morgan), with input from two of the club's owners, Richard Kimmel and Simon Hammerstein, the club is part 19th-century western saloon, part French cabaret, part opera house. A big wooden bar opens the elegant space; the wallpaper is a whimsical combo of cherubs and flappers, distressed and faded for authenticity. Staircases twirl, and red velvet curtains suggest luxury and privacy. The Box has many boxes for you to sit in; they'll seat eight to 12 people, depending on the size of the box (though it costs a pretty penny to sit in them). They overhang and provide an unfiltered view of the stage, where bawdy shows take over most nights. Antique subway sconces and salvaged columns from the renovations lend to the it's-new-but-feels-old look. The most pleasing aspect of the Box is that every crevice feels like a playful discovery.

Location Details

189 Chrystie St.
New York NY 10002


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