Best nightclub with the best club personality without a face (2008)

Mr. Black

When it was Table 50, the club was almost, but not quite, cool. The music was good, featuring forward-thinking techno and house, but there was the whole bottle-service problem, along with the yuppies who inhabit such places. That changed when Stuart Armando, a spunky Aussie, took over the space earlier this year and called it Mr. Black, in homage to Reservoir Dogs. Gone are the bottle service and the yuppies. Still intact: good music from key DJs like Honey Dijon, Man Parrish, Stretch Armstrong, Dominique, Sammy Jo, Johnny McGovern, and Max Pask who play on a regular basis. The club's also gone pleasantly gay, which would explain the cocktail waiter wandering around every Friday and Saturday wearing a top hat, shirt, and apron, but no pants. He is known as the Ass and is the only ass with a blog that features people posing with their faces next to an immaculately buffed, trimmed, and waxed derriere, making the ass a celebrity in its own right.


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