Best Photo Booth For Toplessness (2008)


Factors, aside from general dissipation, that inspire toplessness in the old-fashioned black-and-white booth at the LAKESIDE LOUNGE: two-for-one happy hour, frequently gorgeous bartenders, like the so-called Jayne Mansfield of Avenue B (from whom you must ask for a $3 token), a conducive-to-sensuality jukebox (i.e., Sam Cooke's "Lost and Lookin' " or the Stooges' "Loose"), low lighting, long windows with a good view of shirtless dudes trolling Avenue B, large single-stall bath-rooms for pre-booth making out. displays sample strips, which at press time included four examples of cute and wanton toplessness, including one pussy shot to boot!,

Location Details

162 Ave. B
New York NY 10009


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