Best place to fall out of love with a band (2008)


Fickle is the heart of a lover of pop music— "pop" being by nature an ephemeral thing, anyhow. But clubs like Galapagos don't make it any easier for devotees to carry the torch, even over the course of a typical 40-minute live club set. At a recent release party for local music rag The Deli, some half-dozen bands—including shimmering Palomar, new favorites Lowry, and the always stellar fag-punk trio, the Dead Betties—attempted to wow the generally eager, well-lubed crowd with their good stuff. But despite the bands' best efforts, the night was a big, fat flopperoo. Why? Because the sound in the venue's two performance spaces was utterly appalling: as flat as the line on Marcel Marceau's heart monitor, and almost as inaudible as his average performance. It makes one wonder just what that $10 cover goes for—not, it seems, to hire competent sound technicians.


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