Best place to find dudes with yellow fever (2008)

Six Six Sick

Man, so like, there were these chicks . . . and they were hot . . . and they were totally Asian . . . and they were . . . C'mon, people! Who the heck do you think we are? You're reading the bastion of p.c.-ology after all, The Village friggin' Voice! We're not really gonna say something as offensive and sexist as "There's this dance party, and it's packed with hot Asian females," aight? And yet we may suggest, however, that there is this dance party on Tuesday nights called Six Six Sick, and it's pretty dern popular—just check the Gawker-fawning fanboy party-photo sites like Nicky Digital, Ambrel, 476ad. It's pumpin' with hard electro beats (DJs: Micprobes and Japanster) like the kiddies love (median age, 25); it's jam-packed with cute and scantily clad/fashion-challenged females and waify gay and bi boys with extreme, angular hair architecture; and it's curated and hosted by three Hot Asian Females, Tiffany, Christina, and Feng Feng—three "It" girls known for their ever-changing outrageous outfits, such as the "Oops, I forgot the front of my dress!" see-through look, the "We're bad girls who skipped the prom" look, or the "We're sexy dead zombie girls dancing in the apocalypse" motif. The party is young and fun, and due to the three exhibitionist hostesses, has a certain racy rep (the door guy did once say, "They look good—I hear they sometimes get naked"), but c'mon, dudes—check the "yellow fever" at the door.


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