Best Place To Go On A Bender (2008)


Last winter I was working on a long-overdue paper or two about War and Peace, and as soon as I finished, I summoned my preferred drinking buddy and announced to him it was time to go on a bender. And what a bender it was. BLUE AND GOLD BAR was the obvious locale: It's a great bar during the week (though often hideously crowded on weekends), and the drinks are dirt cheap and therefore plentiful . . . and therefore, bender-inducing. The jukebox covers the bases from country to new wave, not missing the '60s, and the pool table is a winner. At about 4:15 a.m., we were ordered to leave for the last time, and then I fell backward when I stood up from the bar stool, but whatever. I have ended many a night walking on a diagonal down 7th Street. I think Tolstoy would approve.


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