Best place to have a big sexy party (2008)

Frying Pan

If you're searching for a unique venue for your birthday bash, divorce celebration, pre-op going-away party, or record release show, book the Frying Pan. This creaky (but perfectly safe) decommissioned 1930s lightship, which is moored on the Hudson, is the perfect place to do all of the above. Stroll around up on deck, catch the breeze, and dance under the stars (the boat is set up for DJs), or venture below to explore the many obscure, barnacle-encrusted nooks and crannies that seem perfect for making out, coming down, or just enjoying the stench of oil, rusting steel, and marine decay. Have your band play in the old engine room, examine the weird shit in the fascinating collection of obscure flora and fauna, or star in your own SludgeMaster-inspired escapade. Rental prices vary according to your bartender and sound-system needs.


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