Best place to see great up-and-coming bands before they embrace their own hype (2008)

Goodbye Blue Monday

Hidden in plain sight among the dusty bodegas, dollar stores, halal poultry shops, and other such establishments peculiar to the crumbling Hispanic neighborhood/kosher enclave/ yuppie kennel centered along Broadway, way east in Brooklyn, is Goodbye Blue Monday. Named in homage to novelist Kurt Vonnegut, GBM opened in late summer 2005 as a shabby-chic mixed-use space—GBM propaganda declares that "EVERYTHING (almost, like 99.9% of everything) IS FOR SALE!!!!"—and has steadily gained its well-deserved reputation as the destination for locals in search of used books and records, thrifty decor options, arch tchotchkes and designer smut (see, and decent iced coffee. Better still is the joint's dizzyingly diverse live-music schedule: three shows a night, seven days a week, of bands you've probably never heard of but just might actually enjoy. Sets are restricted to a painless 39 minutes, and as GBM offers a thoughtful array of beer, wine, and sake, all shows are 21 and over.

Location Details

1087 Broadway
Brooklyn NY 11221


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