Best place to watch the Buffalo Sabres (2008)

Blue Moon Mexican Café

Plopped on the corner of 75th and First, it doesn't look like much: a bland Mexican restaurant with a vaguely sports-themed bar. But for the past few hockey seasons, this unremarkable boîte has been anything but for Buffalo Sabres fans, who have turned the Blue Moon Mexican Café into a downstate, Queen City home-away-from-home on game nights. A local Sabres diehard describes it best: "When playoff time comes, it's a magical place full of Gil Perreault sweaters, sweetly flattened vowels, and raucous debate over the neutral-zone trap—a place to be surrounded by a bunch of people who all know hockey, can name each of the '75 Sabres, instantly understand obscure terms like "Talkin' proud," "Rocketship 7," and "Mayday Mayday Mayday!", and who know not to dip their chicken wings in the blue-cheese dressing." Lake Erie windchill not included.


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