Best Reason Not to Wear Sneakers and Jeans to Work (2008)

Mandarin Oriental Lobby Lounge

The Campbell Apartment is where Serena and Nate first did it on Gossip Girl, and if you're lucky enough to have the bar for a private session like they did, you can probably wear whatever you want--or nothing at all. For the rest of us trying to inject a little glamour into our daily grind, however, an after-work cocktail in a rich man's former study is sufficiently staid and fabulous. But don't even think about sipping a cool glass of champers if you're not appropriately attired. Same goes for the sky-high Mandarin Oriental Lobby Lounge: If you want the coveted perch over Columbus Circle, denim and sneaks are a no-no. Dress like a journalist and you'll be relegated to the adjacent MOBar. It also features windows 35 stories above ground--only these look out at the building next door.

Location Details

80 Columbus Circle
New York NY 10023


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