Best Reason to Hold Your Breath by the Gowanus (2008)

The Yard

While the Gowanus Canal is still far from being a little Veniceand who knows when that Whole Foods will ever show up?one bright spot on the fetid waterway has been the outdoor arts venue the Yard. Formerly the site of Issue Project Room, the Yard, which opened in 2007, is exactly what the name implies: a small, tree-lined waterfront park as comfy as your own backyard, with tables and benches to kick back on while enjoying a plate of barbecue and a beer from the bar (i.e., a folding table). The gritty space features a diverse schedule presented by Mean Red Productions; past events have included the Japanese-monster wrestling match "Kaiju Big Battel," a DJ series called "Sunday Best," the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival, and a campfire with Jos Gonzlez and the Upright Citizens Brigade. And the best part? It's almost never crowdedyou just have to be willing to plug your nose.

Location Details

310 W. Broadway
New York NY 10013


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