Best rocker dyke party (2008)


Before areas like Astor Place turned into Disney-land, queer girls, punk rockers, and elaborately fussed-up goth kids would troll St. Marks Place and Union Square pestering pedestrians for money. It sucks that those days are gone (they were so damn interesting), but you can still spot lesbian rocker chicks at the Snapshot party on Tuesday nights. Right off of East 14th Street, ladies with Shane-like haircuts (as in the 'do on The L Word's pouty sexpot), arm tattoos, lip piercings, and smudged eyeliner skip up the stairs to Bar 13's two floors (the rooftop during the summer) looking to get up-close and personal. Sex is in the air when DJ Nasty plays the Cure upstairs and DJ Daryl Raymond booms hip-hop down below. Grrrls wearing ripped fishnets under boyshorts or microskirts rub up on each other as a prelude to long makeout sessions. Those not playing tongue twister pack the bar, swigging a myriad of stiff drinks. There's even a pole for aspiring strippers. Snapshot is a nice reminder that downtown's lesbian scene still has hot shit going on.


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