Best take on the classic tequila shot (2008)


Sure, your friends might be weenies for turning down tequila shots, but pointing that out won't necessarily make them change their minds. They'll beg off, claiming it makes them sick. So why were they sucking down margaritas last week like horny college freshman in Cancún? The problem isn't with the liquor, it's with the chaser— a little lick of salt hardly masks bad tequila burn. For some time now, the Williamsburg bar Bembe has been serving up a better option: Dulce Morena, a shot of gold tequila, followed by a slice of lime dipped in granulated sugar on one side and ground mocha- flavored coffee on the other. The unusual combination actually leaves the drinker with a sweet-coffee aftertaste that's far gentler than tequila or salt. Picking grinds out of your teeth afterwards can be the one downside, but it's still a drink that should be offered in every bar in this city. Your tequila-hating pals have no more excuses.

Location Details

81 S. 6th St.
Brooklyn NY 11211


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