Best use of shrimp as garnish (2008)


This is a city of wussy garnishes. A speared slice of ginger here, a lychee on a toothpick there. We once watched a bartender lose two minutes of his life straightening out the petals of a blossom on our drink. But don't mistake the shrimp garnish on Alias's Crustacean Mary as purely froufrou ornamentation—this is the final touch on a cocktail that drinks like a meal. The shrimp complements the Old Bay seasoning that rims the glass; the thick, generously spiced Bloody Mary that follows—made even more potent with a double shot, the "Hairy Mary"—will convert skeptics who dismissed the popular brunch cocktail as little more than vodka-diluted V8. A sip of Alias's seafood-inspired refresher and you'll never accept a Bloody Mary made with six-month-ripe Clamato juice again. Consider it the only real shrimp "cocktail" there is.

Location Details

76 Clinton St.
New York NY 10002


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