Best website to make you wish digital cameras and alcohol didn't coexist (2008)

Before the Internet cataloged every boring nuance of every normal person's day via blogs, we knew that being in a nightclub was sort of like being in Vegas: What happened there stayed there. Not anymore. Merlin Bronques, the bewigged shutterbug behind is there when you've done your third shot, made out with your fourth boy, and are raring to go after puking for the first (but not the last) time in the bathroom. Since you won't remember lifting up your shirt in a "Look, Ma, no bra!" moment, he's there to capture memories you never knew you had. You don't even need to forward a Kodak photo album to your friends; they've already got the link, and with any luck, you'll wind up on's weekly roundup of the especially tragic, hip, and drunk, Blue States Lose. That's when you know you'


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