Most Fabulous Place to Be Unfabulous (2008)


A West Village staple on Christopher Street, Pieces is so aggressively unpretentious that it still has a pay phone on the premises! A comfortably ramshackle neighborhood hangout with homemade decor and admittedly not-ready-for-prime-time drag queens, the place teems with possibilities, even when--or maybe especially when--there are only 15 people there, generally ranging from NYU students to graduates of the school of hard knocks. Karaoke Tuesdays are surprisingly fun--just please don't sing "Suddenly Seymour" like everyone else--and the other nights feature different weekly events, but it's always a place where you're guaranteed not to run into paparazzi or generic boredom.

Location Details

8 Christopher St.
New York NY 10014


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