Welcome to St. Dymphna's, a pressure-free pub aptly named after the saint of mental health. The people who run this place clearly have money in the bank and aren't too worried about making any more of it: After getting your drinks, you'll sometimes wait about an hour to even order food, and by time it arrives, you're ready for AARP. Then your mission is to track down someone--anyone--for a check so you can move on to more important things like vacuuming your home. You might have to send up a flare or just wait till closing, when they'll finally notice that you're still sitting there. It's all very refreshing, considering that most places chase you out the door mid-gulp so they can reassign your table. But please don't go if, like some of us, you don't find relaxation all that relaxing.

Location Details

118 St. Marks Place
New York NY 10009


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