Best Bar for Single-Malt Scotch (2008)


Hands down, it's D.B.A., where chalkboards overhead display the handwritten names of a staggering 94 single malts, conveniently listed under regional headings (Lowland, Spey, Orkneys, et al.). Connoisseurs drool over the extra-aged spirits, like Macallan 20-year—not available at your ordinary pub—and the rare bottles coddled in "The Crypt." On the upside, there's a long, battle-scarred wooden bar and well-worn tables, plus a back garden, for the proper drinking ambience. On the downside, it's thronged with aging frat boys picking up shrill girls in skimpy dresses, and the bartenders aren't much help in steering novices through the bewildering array of scotches. For serious tasting, it's best to come on an afternoon, when the place is deserted and the knowledgeable owner is often on hand to offer suggestions.

Location Details

41 1st Ave.
New York NY 10003


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