Best Bar to Avoid Times Square Tourists in (2008)

McHale's Cafe

On an unassuming corner of 46th Street, ancient red neon letters spell RESTAURANT; below, curlicued iron grills cover the windows. A chalk board advertising old American standards like steaks and chops hangs by the door to beckon topers into MCHALE'S CAFE, a weathered barroom very much of the old school. Dim orangey globes, in '50s-moderne metal sconces and under slowly swirling ceiling fans, light the narrow oak bar, backed with bottles of liquor stacked in pyramids; a glass case of baseballs and photos of long-gone teams decorate the walls. Tended by easygoing waitresses, the capacious rear dining room holds meat lovers and vintage lamps with oversized shades last seen on Leave It to Beaver. Apart from the occasional CUNY grad students, McHale's remains the same as always—pretty remarkable in ever changing New York.


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