Best Bar to Read The Writing On the (Bathroom) Wall (2008)

Inside the 1/9 Downtown Station

Ever wish you recorded the epiphanies you had when you drank a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon all by yourself? Well, if you forget to carry around your diary, maybe you should make Siberia the scene of your binge-drinking excursions. Located inside a subway station, the bar offers two great jukeboxes, a pinball machine, and several couches on which many a skanky romance began. Take a minute to note the brilliant scrawling and incoherent declarations on the walls and ceilings: "Eat Hot Lead, Bitch Man!" and "A Fuckin' Pen Is All I Get." There's also good advice, in case you're too reserved to go to the bartender for counseling, like "You will not know what sex is till you fuck a Dominican" and "LET'S GET SOCIAL!" There's also something on the ceiling written in German about wanting a cowboy, and nearby are the signatures of the entire 2000 cast of Grease. Bring a pen—anything goes, clearly.


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