Best butcher (2008)

Pino's Meat Market

Across the street from the sainted Joe's Dairy, and right next door to the Cathedral of St. Anthony, Pino's Meat Market delivers some of the most well-marbled porterhouse steaks imaginable, dry aged and bursting with the flavor of raw flesh. Sear them lightly, my friends, but don't buy them too often—at a thickness of an inch and a half, they go for about $35 apiece. Other rollicking steak choices include superlative New York strips and bacon-wrapped filets, but my favorite other product at Pino's are the plump, pink hot dogs. One taste will convince you of their deliciousness, and the pop when you bite it is the sound of the natural casing collapsing. You knew that hot dogs were made from pig intestines, right?


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