Best Friday-Night Hangout (2008)

Frank's Lounge

Although one of the better, more low-key house parties in town is upstairs at Frank's Lounge, the real party is downstairs, where Mr. Bill Morris (a/k/a Mr. B) spins '80s r&b and house. With his cowboy hat, black leather vest, and dangling gold earring, Mr. B looks as though he escaped from the Gap Band, but the tracks really do set the party off. There is no other place in this city where a sixtysomething black woman in curlers (no lie) would feel so moved by Vanity 6's "Nasty Girl" that she'd grab some white Pratt student's ass while he munched on chicken from the barbecue out back. Wan requests for cosmopolitans fall on deaf ears and meager attempts to flag down the cocktail waitress will get you ignored, leaving a walk to the bar as your only recourse. Don't ask for any special drinks here, because they won't make them. Still, if getting torched is your game, the staff has an armload of spirits to get your ass saliently lit.

Location Details

660 Fulton
Brooklyn NY 11217


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