Robert Sietsema: Perch on the padded bar stool at Williamsburgs DuMont Burger and enjoy the citys best burgera charred half-pound patty planted on a brioche bun, with a goodly heap of infant lettuces, purple onions, and homemade pickles (half-sour slivers and slices of sweet), along with a shit-heap of good, greasy fries. Its nothing less than ground-meat Nirvana.

Sarah DiGregorio: A burger should not be a meager little thing that you can eat with one hand. Donovans Pub offers a no-nonsense, hulking beauty of a burger, loose and juicy, bloody within and browned without. Its ber-beefy flavor comes from a coarse mix of chuck and New York strip. Ask for the sauted onions on top and go at it with gusto.

Location Details

314 Bedford Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11211


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