Best Place to Be Left Waiting at The Bar for Your Date (2008)


While Rialto is heralded mainly for its tented back garden and luxurious leather banquettes, the bistro's bar is equally praiseworthy. It's small but spacious, with a handful of stools and enough room to stand. The bartenders are friendly, the whiskey sours are never too sweet, and there's generally good eavesdropping to be done. Anyone alone at the bar—whether male or female—is likely to be drawn into a conversation with strangers, but chances are it will be good bar chat rather than chatting up. Plus, the bar itself is perfectly situated so you can watch the door without appearing to be obsessive about it. And if the date in question doesn't show, well, hell—at least you've had a few good cocktails and helped Andy, the production manager seated next to you, decide whether to take his girlfriend to Cuba or Iceland for her 30th birthday.


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