Best Place to Drink After Gallery-Hopping (2008)


Artists and liquor go together like Dick Cheney and heart surgery, so it's no surprise that chic boozeries have sprung up in gallery-ridden Chelsea. One of the newest, and sleekest, is GLASS, designed down to the last door hinge by the same team who did the Nolita restaurant Bot. The interior, from minimalist bar to room-length banquette, consists of curvy Lucite and glass surfaces, and the spacious back patio, artfully lit with lavender gels, is fringed with greenery. Beware the loo, however: A pair of enclosed (but oh so Wallpaper-y) stalls serves for both sexes, ensuring a constant wait, while the de rigueur steel-trough sink looks out onto the street—you can see out, but passersby can't see in. Hmm . . . there's such a thing as taking style too far.

Location Details

287 10th Ave.
New York NY 10001


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