Best Place to Get Drunk While Listening to Drum'N'Bass (2008)

Testpress Sundays

NYC stalwart Swingsett hosts Testpress Sundays, a long-running swervefest where a rotating lineup of local drum'n'bass DJs of all flavors takes to the decks. Regulars like Reid Speed, Delmar, and Empress make the night a blast, week after week. And the drinks aren't shabby, either: They are quite large, pretty cheap, and really damn strong. Four bucks gets you a tasty, powerful vodka cranberry, which means you'll be swerving and seeing double in no time. If you get too drunk, you can always head to the back and sit in the famous "white room" while trying to straighten yourself out, though the main area, with its psychedelic swirls and circular patterns, might not work so well.


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