Best Place to Go Get Lit by Yourself (2008)

Holiday Cocktail Lounge

Don't expect to find any cocktails here. Holiday Cocktail Lounge has been serving cheap imported beers and stiff well drinks ($3) to the lonely and destitute for more than 15 years. The dive's horseshoe-shaped bar brings Bukowski to mind, but there are as many East Village hipsters as barflies. There's a dysfunctional Cheers-like scene (local drunk "the Rabbi"), and steady traffic from St. Marks attracted by the jukebox (Muddy Waters, the Rolling Stones). Holiday is best known for its weekday bartender Stefan, a former Olympic soccer star who entertains with slurred, improvisational arias. If you stick around long enough, he becomes looser with the bottle and the shots get even cheaper.

Location Details

75 St. Marks Place
New York NY 10003


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