Best Pub to Bring Your Dog to (2008)

Sparky's Ale House

Sparky's Ale House is a refreshing antidote to the French bistro/boutique craze in Carroll Gardens. This down-to-earth pub with its frayed pool table and worn-down dartboard is so casual it welcomes dogs to traipse around the bar. So walk your canine to this local watering hole and sip a frothy Heiferweizen while your pet hobnobs. Although Sparky's has no hard liquor, it more than makes up for this omission with 30 beers on tap, presented in voluminous beer steins. You can try anything from the oddly named Old Speckled Hen to the thick-as-syrup 10 percent alcohol Brooklyn Monster. The Irish bartender, by the way, is hands down the coolest this side of the borough. Shout out an esoteric order on a packed Friday night and he will remember your poison and refill it with a wink. Take the F train to the Carroll Street stop.


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