Best Shabu Shabu (2008)

Yodo of Japan

I'm a sucker for shabu shabu, the Japanese nabemono dish that is cooked at the table over a brazier. The one offered at Yodo of Japan wins out with its assortment of carrots, scallions, tofu, watercress, two kinds of noodles, spinach, and more. They even seem to offer more of the thinly sliced beef, which gets swished in the broth to produce the onomatopoeic name. Those who're not into swishing have lots of other choices, like a vegetable tempura, which includes a Japanese twist on fried okra, and an array of seasonal delights, such as spring's special bamboo shoots from the Koh-Sei prefecture in China. There's even a cleverly conceived and copious $20 five-course dinner special for Midtown bargain hunters.


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