Best Sloe-Gin Fizz (2008)


Leshko's Coffee Shop is totally not a coffee shop; it's a snappy, newish restaurant that decided to keep the former inhabitant's cozy name. Go there early in the evening and order the goofy drink, a sloe-gin fizz. This bubblegum-pink boisson has a pleasant, 1950s suburban feel, the kind of cocktail an adulteress in a John Cheever story would drink (or so I've been told). Usually embarrassed to ask for one (in the same way I found it impossible to articulate an order of "Taters and Fraters" at that charming hangout joint of my childhood, Pizzeria Uno), at Leshko's, this hang-up morphs into a single-minded desire to toss down the pretty, candy-flavored refreshment while facing the balmy street and dreaming of tragicomic manicured lawns.


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