Robert Sietsema: The meatballs are almost the size of slow-pitch softballs, as the pair lands on the well-sauced spaghetti mountain at Frost Restaurant, a palace of Italian-American cuisine hidden on a back street among the high-rise condos of Williamsburg. The founders hail from the southern Campania town of Teggiano, and, when it comes to meatballs, they know whereof they speak.

Sarah DiGregorio: Spaghetti and meatballs isnt on Forlinis menu, but ask if its available and the pudgy, tuxedoed waiter will exclaim: Sure it is! This old-school red-sauce Italian place serves up a properly heaping bowl of al dente spaghetti, doused in an excellent meat sauce and topped with bouncy, juicy meatball beauties.

Location Details

193 Frost St.
Brooklyn NY 11211


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