Best use of testicles (2008)


Tuscan and cowboy are two adjectives that may have never conjoined in your mind before, but to chef Cesare Casella, they are perpetually yoked. His restaurant Maremma is named after the maritime area of Tuscany where cattle are ranched, and he playfully takes the cooking of the region and fuses it with cowboy standards from our own country, resulting in such delights as "earn your spurs" (barbecued ribs), chuckwagon seafood stew, Rocky Mountain oysters (veal testicles, now, sadly, gone from the menu), and bengodi, a dish of pasta coins inspired by a fable from The Decameron. Sadly, some of the jokey names have been removed from the menu, but the excellent food remains.

Location Details

228 W. 10th St.
New York NY 10014


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