Steely Dan's Last Meal (2008)

Café 47

Steely Dan's wildly successful third album was Pretzel Logic, so we took it as our mission to find a really weird but good pretzel as a last meal for the band—as well as to commemorate the album's release. A qualifying pretzel magically appeared one afternoon at Café 47, an obscure kosher eatery in the shadow of the Gowanus Expressway, maybe the last place we expected to find one. The bulbous, well-browned pretzel comes strewn with sesame seeds and stuffed with white cheese, and the quality of the pastry puts a croissant to shame. And it's delivered piping hot, so the cheese oozes as you bite into the pretzel! The place is open weekdays till 5 p.m., and it closes early on Fridays.


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