Weirdest wobbly yellow stuff (2008)

Himalayan Yak

Earlier this year, Tibetan Yak undertook a campaign of conquest, expanding their culinary borders to include Nepali and Indo-Chinese food. I'm pleased to report that the attempt was successful, and my friends and I have been digging the Nepalese sadeko gundruk, a pile of dehydrated, oil-soaked greens, providing many minutes of enjoyable chewing, and the ubiquitous Indo-Chinese fave chili chicken. But it's the new Tibetan stuff at the re-dubbed Himalayan Yak that's most compelling, including beef tongue sautéed with ginger and chiles (chayley) and a collection of thin beef sausages called gyuma. Luckily, the wobbly yellow substance called la phing remains a centerpiece of the menu.

Location Details

72-20 Roosevelt Ave.
Flushing NY 11372


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