Best Barber That Will Make You Look Like a Damn Fool (2008)


The tonsorial artist is a vanishing species. Electric razors and the AIDS epidemic have made the straight-razor shave a relic. Still, the practice has caught the fancy of those itching for yesteryear, reinventing the market for two kinds of customer: old farts, and young, stubbly urban bon vivants. The most pampering parlor, I'd heard, was PAUL MOLE. But once in the chair, I was sadly disappointed by this Upper East Side landmark. Promised hot towels were lukewarm. My "tonsory artist" was rushing to make the next appointment, and looking at the mirror for the first time, shock hit: My sideburns were gone! "Would you like me to trim your hair," he asked, in an Italian accent. Snip, snip, 28 bucks more. He thanked me, now $56 in the hole, and ushered in the next victim.


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