Best bittersweet animal experience on wheels (2008)

Animal Haven's Mobile Adoption Program

At least when you go to the pound you can prepare yourself for the special combination of happy and sad feelings that will take over when you set eyes on whimpering puppies in cages and obese, depressed cats napping in their litter boxes. Animal Haven's Mobile Adoption Program's traveling orphanage—a van fitted with cages and big windows for viewing the four-legged creatures—gives animal lovers little time to put up their defenses. Rational thoughts like "I can't just bring home a baby rottweiler without asking my wife" barely have a chance to rear their ugly heads before the innocent bystander finds himself inside the van, gazing into the eyes of the newborn pup he holds in his arms, feeling as though it had been spawned from his very own womb. At that point, it's way too late. You've been sneak attacked.


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