Best chance to hook up with Santa (2008)


Remember as a child sitting on Santa's lap and rattling off your Christmas list in his ear? As an adult, you can still partake in this holiday ritual and even take Kris Kringle back to your apartment if the mood strikes. It happens every year at Santacon, a mass gathering of folks dressed in cheap Santa suits who troll the city singing wicked carols, invading neighborhood bars, and spreading cheer wherever they go. Last year's festivities included a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, a snowball fight in Central Park, and the gobbling down of burritos at a Chipotle in Times Square. "Reindeer games" usually take place later in the night, when all the Santas are bleary-eyed and make-out sessions in the middle of the street seem like a good idea. Best of all, after you hook up with Santa, you don't even have to remember his or her real name—ho, ho, ho!


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