Best Conceptual Artist (2008)


If there's a dominant ideology the avant-garde needs to question, it's certainly capitalism. But many artists have become so dependent on institutions, patrons, and marketing that to do so would be to bite the hand that feeds. So why not be like artist-photographer ELIZABETH FELICELLA and create work so ephemeral that it's nearly impossible to sell or document—even its owners don't know they have it. All the more subversive if you make the work while on a fat fellowship. On a Fulbright to do large-scale sculpture in Munich, Felicella, feeling alienated, says she decided instead to do a piece in which she visited places popular with tourists and slid into their snapshots unnoticed. She also had her pictures taken at photo booths and left before they came out. "All that's left," she says, "Are the stories." And only she knows for sure if they're true.


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